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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings  
All bookings must be applied for on the Town Hall Complex Booking Form and addressed to the Booking Clerk.  All booking applications must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit (minimum of 20% of the basic hire charge).  The Charity reserves the right to seek a damage payment of up to £50.00 for any function where in the Charity's view; damage to the property may result.  If no damage occurs the deposit will be refunded in full, promptly after the day of the function.  Cheques should be made out in accordance with details on the booking form.   Please note that all deposits (excluding damage) are non-returnable.
Payment must be made 3 days prior to function. 
Provisional bookings will be held for 14 days only, after which time the booking will be considered lapsed.   
The premises will not be hired to any one under the age of 21 years.  

We do not accept bookings for 18th Birthday parties or associated events under any circumstances.

The Hirer is expected to be present throughout the period of hire and responsible for the safety and security of the whole building and its occupants.  

All children attending functions must be kept under proper control and supervision at all times.

The hirer is responsible for appointing a ‘First Aider’ during the function.  A First Aid Box is available in each room. It is a statutory requirement that hirers furnish the complex management with full details of any accidents or injuries occuring during any event. This must be done at the earliest opportunity and not longer than five days after the incident occured. 

Animals are not allowed in the building or the grounds except by prior arrangement.  Assistance dogs excepted.

2. Safety
A sophisticated fire detection system has been installed for your safety.   
In the event of the alarm sounding you must leave the building immediately using the nearest exit, the lift must NOT be used. 
You should assemble in the Toppesfield Hall car park at the end of Market Place opposite 'The Ram' public house.  Under no circumstances should you re-enter the building until told to do so by a member of the permanent staff.

At the start of the event the hirer is responsible for announcing the location of fire exits and the appointed assembly point.  This is a legal requirement under Health & Safety Regulations.

Naked flames, smoke machines and similar devices are not permitted under any circumstances.

Hirers must ensure that children do not climb on the historic structures in the gardens. Particular attention is drawn to exercising extreme caution near to the garden pond.

3 Security
Not all functions require the services of Stewards.  However; where the complex management deem it necessary the following are the basic requirements for Stewarding:-

(a) there shall be 2 stewards for the first 50 persons attending the function and 1 additional steward for each additional 50 persons attending the function.

(b) the Stewards will be employed by the Hirer.

(c) the Stewards will be dressed in dinner suits.

(d) the Stewards shall not consume alcohol or strong drink at any time whilst on the premises.

(e) the Stewards will report to the Caretaker 30 minutes before the function is due to start for instruction.

(f) the Stewards are to protect the function, the building and to ensure the peaceful enjoyment and personal safety of the Hirers.

The Complex Management may relax certain of these basic requirements at its discretion.

4. Hirers are responsible for the behaviour of the members of their Party and their Guests and for ensuring they comply with the booking conditions for the room/s hired.  The Resident Caretaker has full discretion in dealing with misbehaviour.

5. Hirers are responsible for any damage caused in the garden area.  Please note that confetti is not permitted.

6. The Hirer is held responsible for any damage to the structure and fabric beyond fair wear and tear.  Please note that under no circumstances must any items be affixed to the walls of any of the rooms in the Complex without prior consent being obtained.

7. The Grand Hall and Dining Room are licensed premises and therefore only alcohol and soft drinks purchased from the Resident Licensee may be consumed in these rooms.     

8. No function may extend beyond midnight under the terms of the Public Entertainment Licence for the building.  All entertainment must cease 30 minutes earlier and hirers must clear the building by 1 a.m. unless previously arranged.  

9. Where Hirers intend to employ a Disco, the Disco Operator must display a current Performing Rights Society Licence. Hirers are reminded that noise levels at events must be kept at a reasonable level so as not to disturb neighbouring properties.  This also applies when leaving the event and in the close proximity of the premises.  The use of smoke machines or dry ice mist is forbidden.

10. Neither the Hadleigh Town Council nor the Hadleigh Market Feoffment Charity are responsible for loss or damage to hirers, their Guests or Contractors of their property brought into or left in the Complex, no matter how caused. The hirers are requested to ensure that all property and equipment be removed from the building at the end of the function.

11. The Management reserves the right to refuse any booking and to preclude any person or persons from entering the premises.